How can I determine how much my bouquets will cost?

When pricing a bouquet, we consider three main components: type and amount of flowers used, type of greenery added, and labor costs.

What goes into the care and handling of my bouquets?

A Many couples choose to have a “first look” or to take photographs before the ceremony. In those instances, the bouquets are removed from their vases sometimes hours before the ceremony and deprived of water, which may cause them to fade – especially during the warmer months. When scheduling your pre-wedding photographs, keep in mind that your bouquet is a perishable piece of art and requires great amounts of water to remain fresh and vibrant! For a cascading bouquet, we recommend as little handling as possible before the wedding because excessive handling can sometimes cause tendrils to shake loose. One example of this is if the Bride and/or the photographer picks up the bouquet or lays it down multiple times while taking photographs. Make sure to treat your bouquet to lots of water and handle it delicately.

Do boutonnieres follow the same guidelines for care and handling as bouquets?

Yes, care and handling of boutonnieres should follow the same guidelines as bouquets. The weather, if it’s an outdoor or indoor event, and the time out of refrigeration are all factors that could cause the boutonniere to fade. A remedy to that may be to choose a heartier flower rather than something more delicate.

How do we ensure that our outdoor ceremony flowers stay fresh and lovely during the hot summer months?

During the summer months, the average temperatures typically range between 85-95 degrees. To ensure the freshness, we like to place the aisle flowers and alter arrangements at the ceremony about 35-45 minutes in advance. This reduces the amount of time for the heat to affect their vibrancy. As mentioned earlier, a “first look” for an outdoor wedding presents some additional challenges. For example, if you are taking pictures at 3pm in advance of a 5pm ceremony, we will place the flowers between 3-330pm. This means they are essentially sitting in the heat for 90 minutes or longer before the ceremony and we are unable to guarantee their freshness. In this case, you may need to budget an additional hour for delivery and set-up time. Another option is to take pictures with the ceremony setup immediately following the ceremony, which ensures fresher flowers.

What should I consider for our Mother’s Flowers?

At one time it was customary for the Mothers of the Bride and Groom to wear a corsage, however, the recent trend has been a little less traditional. When asked for our opinion about whether or not to order a corsage, we recommend that you chose an option that suits your guest best. Sometimes a beautiful dress combined with personal jewelry might be better accented with a small three-rose posey. Another option is to select flowers which are in the bouquet designs to create something simple and elegant. There’s no wrong way to honor your Mother, Grandmother, or special family members!

Can I re-purpose ceremony flowers at the reception?

Yes! A great way to increase the value of your floral designs is to use your ceremony flowers at the reception. Aisle flowers are ideal cocktail table displays. Arch swags are a great way to enhance the sweetheart or cake table. Alter centerpieces look fabulous on the escort card or welcome tables.

Can I provide my own vases / containers to be used for centerpieces?

Yes! This is a great way to defer costs and personalize your arrangements. Whether it be small bud vases, wine bottles, tins, or glass bottles, we are more than happy to fill them with lovely flowers and set them up for you. A labor charge of $1 for bottes generally applies, as well as $5-10 for larger centerpieces. The total cost would equal the labor charge plus the cost of the flowers and greenery.

Can you provide ideas of how to enhance the look of my cake or dessert station?

We are happy to create a design that will feature your delicious sweets! Whether you’re looking for a delicate touch of flowers or a luscious garnish, we’ll work with you to find a design that enhances your desired look. As long as the cake is on the premises within 30 minutes of our arrival, the decorating time will be included in our overall set-up charges.

How are delivery and set-up charges calculated if my ceremony and reception are at the same location?

Our delivery and set-up charge is by the hour. Delivery and set-up time starts when we leave our facility, includes the time we spend setting up your event, and the time returning to our facility. Standard delivery of bouquets, ceremony arrangements, and low centerpieces usually requires no more than 3 hours. Prior to our arrival, we require that the necessary chairs and / or tables with linens are ready. In the event of a “first look” in advance of the ceremony, we may require additional time for delivery and set-up.